Mac Tire – The Korg MS20 Journey

I decided to collect all the different audio tracks from my Instagram series dedicated to the Korg MS20. 
I fell in love with this instrument deeply and while I was exploring all his possibilities and sound capability, I composed these six tracks trying to capture different frames from a variety of images I had in mind. The album was produced by

Mac Tire – The Deepest Sea

The Deepest Sea is the first EP realized by Mac Tire.
Realized completely by himself from composition to production, this work is his way to tell four different stories to everyone is going to listen to it. From the dreamy atmosphere of the first track to the fast rhythm of the last one, this EP will guide you to a strange universe, basically Mac Tire’s mind.

Odio – aspettare, non rivedersi più (as bass player)

aspettare, non rivedersi più is Odio’s latest album.

Odio – Casa Mia (as bass player)

Casa Mia is an EP composed with the intent to tell our travels. It tells about a relocation. It tells about us. The cover was realized overlapping 50 different pictures. Life’s snap-shot, that placed one over the other, build up what we are now.

Aritmya – Si parte da qui (as guitar player)

Aritmya’s first EP is a work based on finding the balance between different musical genres: pop, rock, EDM, future bass and ambient.