Mac Tire is a musical project born with the aim to mix using an eight string electro acoustic guitar and techniques from the live looping world: ambient music, progressive vibes, electronic music and fingerstyle guitar.

He’s an Anna Corona Liuteria‘s endorser and this musical project is realized using his signature eight string electro acoustic guitar, the Anna Corona LiuteriaMT8, made and designed by Anna Corona, a luthier from Palermo.

In February 2019 he releases his first EP: The Deepest Sea.
In this EP the different sound influences, above-mentioned, are mixed in four songs, from ambient to drum and bass.
After this release, he continues to compose and write music that will lead to further experimentation and sounds research.  

In September 2019 he opens ⁄handlogic‘s concert at Fortezza Medicea in Siena, experience that will lead to the live dates of 2019/2020 He is also a member of two band based in Siena:  

Aritmya – rock band with EDM and electronic influences in which he is the lead guitarist.  
Odio – an indie band based in Siena in which he is the bass player.