Mac Tire is a musician, composer and sound designer.

His musical project combines ambient, experimental, electronic and live looping music using different synths and his signature eight string electroacoustic guitar: the Anna Corona Liuteria MT8.

In February 2019 he released his first EP, The Deepest Sea.

In September 2019 he opened  ⁄handlogic‘s concert at Vivi Fortezza in Siena.

In September 2020 he started The Korg MS20 Journey, a collection of eight performances in which he experimented a wide range of sounds and acoustic fields. This work led to the release of the homonym album in February 2021.

During the summer of 2021 he started working with Zaccaria Giammattei on the project Reverberating Wor/l/ds. The project aim is to tell, through musical experimentation, a variety of stories written by the two band’s member.

During the same period he started working with the group Map 256, an experimental group born from an idea of Matteo Moscardini. The band is composed by himself on guitar and synths, Matteo Moscardini on bass, Zaccaria Giammattei on drums and hang drum, Paolo Quattriglia on drums and horn. The band recorded its first album in September and it should be published by the end of 2021.  

In September 2021 he created with Reverberating Wor/l/ds the soundscape for Mara Giammattei’s photography exhibition “Ricordati la strada di casa” at Arezzo Crowd Festival.

In November 2021 he created the soundscape for the photography installation “Lo Strappo” realized by Erika Rubino in collaboration with Aps Echoes. The installation was displayed at Villa Bandini’s library in Florence.

Mac Tire is an Anna Corona Liuteria’s endorser. Moreover, he works constantly with her to improve the design of his next signature guitar
He’s also an AC Noises artist.

He is also a member of two band based in Siena:  

Aritmya – rock band with EDM and electronic influences in which he is the lead guitarist.  
Odio – an indie band based in Siena in which he is the bass player.