Mac Tire is a musician, composer and sound designer.
His musical project combines ambient, experimental, electronic and live looping music using different instruments: his signature eight-string semi-acoustic guitar, synths, sampled natural sounds and water through the use of hydrophones.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance he chooses to follow a master’s degree in Music and New Technologies, so as to be able to increase his interest and knowledge about electronic music, sound experimentation, avant-garde music and programming music computer.

He completes his studies in October 2022 by staging the performance Memory in Motion.

In the last six years he has developed an intense activity of sound research and experimentation. Starting from the interaction between guitar and audio effects, he thus began to look for sounds, atmospheres and imaginaries that went beyond the idea, not only of the guitar, but also of traditional music. Over time, his research has also approached the world of sound synthesis through the use of analog synthesizers, key instruments of his experiments. Since 2021, his interest in natural sounds has grown strong, so much so that he has worked with microphones of various kinds, including two self-built hydrophones, which allow him to integrate the sound of the sea and water within the sound’s experimentation that he carries on daily. This experimentation is not limited only to sound or its compositional purposes, but also takes into account the visual and aesthetic aspect. Having integrated natural sounds, it has become necessary for him to gradually reintroduce aspects related to body movement in space, thus creating real performances.